We've Launched An Album With Sony Music! 3 years ago

We've Launched An Album With Sony Music!

We have exciting news!

We have teamed up with Sony Music to bring you a CD that is full, in equal parts, of our favourite songs and guilty pleasures.

We’ve gone right back to the nineties and noughties and dusted off some old classics and paired them with some of todays catchiest tunes. They’re the songs that get us subtly bopping in our seats, belting in our cars and on to the dance floor after a few sips of wine.


They’re the songs we grew up singing and made up impressive, albeit embarrassing, dance routines to in our living rooms. They’re the songs we covered in parish halls around the country at the annual Community Talent Show. Some of them are the songs we can rap in their entirety when we’re on our own.

It’s the perfect soundtrack to a girls night in, a road trip or a gym session. Round up your troops, order a chinese and stick it on. We love it and hope you do too.

It’s available to pre order HERE.  Available in all good retailers from Friday November 6th.

Check out the track listing below.