6 things to do at Electric Picnic if you're taking a break from the booze 5 months ago

6 things to do at Electric Picnic if you're taking a break from the booze

Electric Picnic is soon.

In fact, it's this weekend.

And while the weather forecast is looking more than questionable, that doesn't mean that our spirits have been entirely dampened.

In fact, they've only continued to rise considering the fact that a few days from now we'll be hanging out in a field down with a country with a can in our hand.

But what if you're planning on taking it easy this weekend? What if drink just doesn't appeal to you? What if you go too hard on Friday and simply need a bit of a rest for the remainder of the time?

Well that's grand too, because there's plenty of stuff you can be at that doesn't require a can or a bottle or a KeepCup filled with Heineken.

And yes, we are more than well aware that attending Electric Picnic does not automatically mean that you need to be drowning in cider for an entire three days.

Most people, however, will probably be doing just that - so that just means you'll have more time for the below non-drink heavy activities.

Please enjoy.

1. Do some yoga

No really, do.

If there's one thing that'll make you feel like an entirely new human being after sleeping on the ground, it's a bout of yoga in the morning time.

Whether you're hitting up The Sanctuary Stage early on in the day, or visiting the Global Green eco village to start the morning off, you'll be sure to find some sort of class to give your muscles the stretch they deserve.

You'll feel better for it. Seriously.

2. Visit the eco village 

As aforementioned, this year's Electric Picnic will feature Global Green: an eco village

Activists, artists, makers, musicians, foodies and poets from across Ireland will be hosting transformational ideas, activities and conversations all across the weekend - ensuring that there's something sustainable for everyone to enjoy.

Hang out in the Grow Zone, check out Wasteland, and experience some fresh new talent from the incredible Irish artists that you may not have seen if you had been sitting around in the campsite with cans all day.

3. Hit up the comedy tent

Because yes, things can be funny when you're not smashed.

And this year, Electric Picnic has got a fairly decent comedy lineup so really it'd be a shame to miss any of it irrespective of whether you're drinking or not.

Foil Arms and Hog, David O'Doherty, Ardal O'Hanlon, and Deirdre O'Kane are just some of the gas lads who'll be hitting up Stradbally this weekend.

Alongside them will be Jason Byrne, Maisie Adam, Paul Currie, Tony Cantwell, Julie Jay, and a load of others too.

No excuse not to get involved really.

This year's full comedy lineup can be found here. 

4. Stew in a hot tub

You know you want to.

If there's one thing that every single person at Electric Picnic needs, it's warm water around their body.

And some bubbles thrown in for good measure.

As is usual, there'll be an assortment of hot tubs scattered around the Stradbally fields this weekend - mainly in the Body & Soul area. 

The Zen Gardens and Immerse Spa Experience offer the perfect break from the busyness of the rest of the rest of the festival which also giving you total bragging rights for the entire experience.

There's also open-air seaweed and epsom salt baths if the above ain't your thing.

So, you know, no excuse.

5. Kill a few hours in the Theatre of Food

Sharon Noonan. Kevin O'Toole. Conor Drum. Sham Hanifa. Goat Ireland. Paul Flynn. Holly White.

Just some of the names that'll be cooking up a storm (or at least talking about cooking up a storm) in the Theatre Of Food this year.

Learn some recipes, witness some deliciousness, finally figure out how to poach an egg in the pot without totally ruining it.

You'll be glad of the break while everybody else is ruining themselves in the campsite.

6. Just go see some music - sober

It can be done, lads.

Don't knock it til you try it.