Zayn is working on a TV show with Law and Order creator 4 years ago

Zayn is working on a TV show with Law and Order creator

Zayn's latest career move is acting.

While his decision to leave One Direction was all about being solo, we thought he would be focusing solely on music.


So it comes as a bit of a surprise that Zayn's newest venture will be in TV.

The singer is teaming up with Dick Wolf, who is the producer and creator of the hugely popular Law & Order franchise.

And while Zayn's move to TV may surprise some people, the topic of the TV drama probably wont.

The hour-long NBC drama is will be titled Boys and will focus on the formation of a hugely successful boy band according to the Hollywood Reporter.

It will capture all the excitement, competition and fun, but will also take an inside look at the pressure that comes with the success.

Is this based on anything specific, Zayn?

NBC's entertainment president Jennifer Salke released a statement about the upcoming drama.


“It’s exciting to be diving into this project with such passionate and prolific producers,”

“Zayn certainly brings an authentic point of view to this world where kids are catapulted into fame at a dizzying speed. On top of our excitement around the creative ideas being discussed, we have a lot of respect for the musical and digital ambitions behind the project.”

Zayn also spoke about the project saying:

“Dick Wolf is a legend and the opportunity to work with him and NBC to create a compelling drama series is awesome,"

Perhaps he's following Harry Style's footsteps who is currently starring in new film Dunkirk.

No news on when exactly this show is set to air, but we're betting it will be quite popular.