13 year-old boy died in 'online choking game', says father 3 years ago

13 year-old boy died in 'online choking game', says father

A young boy from County Clare died as a result of an online choking game, his father has said.

Greg Wilmot told reporters that his son Conor died because of a "stupid teenage accident" and maintained that the boy's death was not a suicide due to bullying.


"For all we know, it wasn’t the first time Conor did it and this time he didn’t get away with it," said Mr Wilmot.

"The Gardaí have taken away Conor's phone and that will show his search history and that will tell us a story."

“I bet you they will find something to do with a choking game on his phone.”

“People need to know that because it makes a massive difference to know it was a stupid teenage accident gone wrong rather than him being unhappy or whatever.”

The 13 year-old's body was found on lands near the family home at Sixmilebridge last Thursday.

Mr Wilmot also said that he didn't believe Conor's death was linked to an online challenge known as 'Blue Whale' in which participants complete a series of tasks before committing suicide.

The challenge has been linked to dozens of deaths in Russia.


Conor's father told of how his son was "brilliant", a gifted rugby player who was popular with his classmates.

He is survived by his father, his mother Irina, his 21 year-old sister Melanie and ten year-old brother Ross.