14-year-old girl injured in Cork after firework exploded in her hand 4 years ago

14-year-old girl injured in Cork after firework exploded in her hand

A teenage girl is said to have been seriously injured in Cork after a firework explosion.

The incident occurred at approximately 2.30pm on Sunday afternoon.


It is believed that the young girl sustained extensive injuries after fireworks exploded in her hand and has since undergone surgery at Cork University Hospital.

According to the Irish Times staff from a nearby pub came to the aid of the teenager after they realised what had happened.

After she arrived at the hospital it is said that the 14-year-old underwent emergency surgery to her hand and face.


The young girl was with a group of friends at the time but thankfully no one else was injured in the accidental explosion.

Every Halloween authorities seize a large number of illegal fireworks, many of which have found their way into the hands of teenagers.

Last year a video went viral after a young woman had a firework thrown inside the hood of her jacket which then exploded causing her injury.

A spokesperson for the Garda have said;


“The public is reminded that the importation for sale of fireworks into this jurisdiction without license is illegal and any person found in possession of such items may be liable to prosecution

In many cases, illegally imported fireworks come from very dubious origins and safety of the products may well be compromised.”

There is currently no further news on the young girl's condition.