54-year old woman makes history by becoming her daughter's surrogate 1 year ago

54-year old woman makes history by becoming her daughter's surrogate

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A pregnant woman in Australia is about to make history as she's about to become the country's oldest surrogate.


Maree Arnold is giving birth to her own grandchild at 54 after making the loving gesture for her daughter who was born without a uterus.

Maree is now 30 weeks pregnant and discovered that she could carry her daughter's child after doing a lot of her own research.

The grandmother to be stepped up for her daughter after her last surrogate miscarried, with the baby passing away at 21 weeks while being carried by a Canadian woman.


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When her daughter Meagan White was only 17, she was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokintansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome (MRKHS) which is a rare disorder where someone is born without a uterus.

Now at 28, she was always worried about not being able to carry her own children or have her own in general, until Maree offered to help.

While the pair are the oldest to have this experience in Australia, this isn't the first miracle story like this.


In 2019, 61 year old Cecile Eledge from Omaha, Nebraska, became a surrogate for her son and his boyfriend.

As well as this, Pamela Butler became the oldest person in the UK to give birth at 57, also to her granddaughter.

Greece holds the record for the oldest surrogate recorded in the world, with 67 year old Anastassia Ontou giving birth to her daughter's child in 2016 via C-section.


Anastassia's 47 year old daughter had gone through seven failed pregnancies before her mum offered to carry her baby to term instead.