A 64-year-old has become Spain's oldest mum, giving birth to twins 6 years ago

A 64-year-old has become Spain's oldest mum, giving birth to twins

A 64-year-old old-age pensioner has just become one of the oldest women in the world to give birth after she delivered twins at Spanish hospital on Tuesday. 

According to MailOnline, the Spanish woman, who is known only as M.I.A, gave birth to twins by Caesarian section at the Recoletas Hospital in Burgos in north Spain earlier this week.


The infants, a boy and a girl, were apparently conceived via IVF treatment in the US, and are according to the paper said to be in a 'perfect state of health,' weighing 4lbs 8 oz and 5lbs 3 oz respectively.

A spokesperson for the Recoletas Hospital delivered the following information following the birth:

'The children were born via a pre-programmed Caesarean. The patient and the babies, a boy and a girl, are in a perfect state of health.

'This is an exceptional case not only for the region, but also for Spain, given the fact that she’s one of the few women aged more than 58 who has managed to successfully complete her pregnancy with twins.


"The mother and her twins, a boy and a girl, will remain in the hospital for four or five days which is normal after a Caesarean. There were no problems. Everything went according to plan."

However, the birth has sparked a lot of controversy in Spain, as local newspaper Diario de Burgos reported the same woman had given birth to another child, also conceived via IVF, six years ago, but claimed that regional social services had taken the girl into care back in 2014.

The Recoletas Hospital also confirmed that the woman had given birth there previously, revealing in a statement: "M.I.A, 64 and from the province of Burgos, has just become a mother for the second time after giving birth to twins."

This claim was also backed up by Spanish daily newspaper, El Mundo, who, quoting regional government sources, said that the little girl had indeed been taken into local authority care after 'detecting problems relating to personal hygiene and lack of schooling.'


The six-year-old is said to now be in the care of a relative.

The Recoletas Hospital has also released footage of the Caesarean they performed: