Alcohol ban considered for Irish flights to curb disruption from passengers 2 years ago

Alcohol ban considered for Irish flights to curb disruption from passengers

"It is absolutely on the table."

A ban on alcohol is being considered for flights in Ireland to curb passenger disruption.


The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has said that alcohol tends to be the common denominator in most in-flight passenger disruptions.

Their new campaign, ‘Not On My Flight,' aims to raise awareness of these incidents and the action that can be taken against passengers who are actively disruptive.

Paul Brandon, head of corporate affairs for the IAA, said that following the campaign, they will consider if there is a need for "further action."

"[A ban] is absolutely on the table, but our preference is to focus on the awareness of the risk if they disrupt a flight," he told RTÉ's Morning Ireland. 


“Safety is the priority of the IAA. Flying should be a pleasurable experience. We are asking passengers to be aware of the disciplinary consequences.

“Disruptions can be very distressing for other passengers and for the flight crew.”

This comes as 13 Irish aviation organisations signed at a joint declaration aiming to tackle disruptive passenger behaviour on flights going forward.


The declaration, which comes as part of the IAA's 'Not On My Flight' campaign, pledges to adopt the following:

  • A zero-tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour on flights where safety of passengers or crew is a risk
  • The identification, management and reporting of disruptive incidents on flights
  • The responsible sale and consumption of alcohol on flights
  • Continued communication with passengers to raise awareness of the risks associated with disruptive behaviour, alcohol related or otherwise

The organisations who signed the declaration include Aer Lingus, Ryanair, Dublin Airport, and Cork Airport.