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Angry Fiancée Finds Out What Her Other Half REALLY Got up to on His Stag Night...
A woman tears strips off a hotel because her fiance didn't get his deposit back after his stag do...but then she finds out why...

It is an unspoken rule that when a couple of stags get together, the results can be messy…very messy…although for the most part, the worst that happens is that the groom gets tied to a lamppost naked and they have a few sore heads the next morning.

For the most part, it’s all harmless fun and games. But sometimes it gets a little bit out of hand.

We know that when you agree to marry your other half, you enter into an unspoken agreement where it becomes your duty to fight for his good name. If only someone had told this lady that her fiancé wasn’t exactly the innocent party in this argument…

Let’s just say that a woman’s very public hotel complaint has gone viral after the hotel disgraced her fiancé on Facebook. Nice.

But in fairness to the hotel, it was in self-defence. Eh…sort of…

An angry lady gave Treacy’s Hotel in Waterford a piece of her mind on Facebook after the hotel withheld her partner’s deposit from his stag do.

Here’s what she had to say to the hotel:

“My partner of 10 yrs had his stag do in Waterford last nite at dis hotel 17 men went dwn, 1,120€ which was paid b4 arrival…wen d arrived ystrdy dis hotel asked dem 2 pay anoda 50e 4 a overnite deposit which d were guaranteed 2 gt bk nxt morn…d didn’t gt nethin dat was ment to b include in dere package…no finger food no round of shots no breakfast no deposit bk I think dis hotel was trying to earn some easy cash, im going ta go on evry radio station nd get all dem boys to gv dere comment nd let evry tourist I know from my job all about dis sceeming hotel…700€ is a lot of money 2day smalls claim court I think…”

Now, once the hotel managed to translate the above butchery of the English language, a spokesperson for Treacy’s responded by saying:


“I would not like to disgrace people on the internet so if you could so kindly send me your phone number in a private email I will let you know the facts of the night. Then I am sure you will remove these comments.”

The angry lady did not bother to respond or pass on her contact details, so Treacy’s decided to fight back against the false allegations against their good name and tell their Facebook fans (and the angry woman) what really happened on the night in question...

Let’s just say that the hotel refused to give back the deposit because a “lady” (cough, cough) was brought back to the hotel room, a smoke alarm was set off at 1am, the other hotel guests made some serious noise complaints throughout the night, the “lady” was removed from the room at 6.30am and finally, one of the wayward stags  “jumped the reception counter to physically hurt a member of staff.”

Gardaí were called twice during the night and to prove that they weren’t messing, Treacy’s stated that they have video footage of the night’s events.

Check out the full, Facebook interaction:

Fantastic smack-down from the hotel, don't you think?

The story has already gone viral but we have one last question…is the wedding still on?!