Woman brain dead for three months gives birth to baby boy 2 years ago

Woman brain dead for three months gives birth to baby boy

A baby has been born to a Portuguese woman who was brain dead for three months.

Catarina Sequeira, 26, gave birth to a little boy named Salvador during a C-section yesterday at almost 32 weeks.


He weighed just 3.75 lb and is being cared for in a neonatal hospital, reports BBC News.

A canoeist who had competed internationally for her country, Ms Sequeira suffered an acute asthma attack at her home.

She was put into a medically induced coma but her condition deteriorated and she was declared brain dead on 26 December.

She was 19 weeks pregnant at the time. A ventilator kept her breathing for rest of her pregnancy.

Portugal's organ donation laws played a role in the decision to continue the pregnancy.

Under the country's law of presumed consent, a person must opt out of organ donation rather than sign up for it.


"Being a donor is not just about being in a position to donate a liver or heart or lung, but also being in a position to give yourself so a child can live," hospital ethics adviser Felipe Almeida said.

"And no-one has the right to interrupt the mother's decision process."

The baby's father also wanted for the baby to be born.

Ms Sequeira's funeral took place today.