Schools may remain CLOSED on Monday due to continued bad weather 1 year ago

Schools may remain CLOSED on Monday due to continued bad weather

All schools may not be able to re-open on Monday.

The general secretary of the Catholic Primary School Management Association (CPSMA), which represents 90 percent of Ireland's primary schools said that schools may remain closed on Monday due to the adverse weather we experienced this week.

While it seems the worst of Storm Emma has passed, there are predictions of further snow, ice and low temperatures which could mean it will be unsafe to travel in many areas.

Parents are angry at how late they were told about schools closing this morning

Séamus Mulconry, the general secretary said: "I don’t think we will really know until Sunday what the outlook is for Monday and whether a principal can make an informed call."

The Independent is reporting that depending on how the weather evolves over the weekend, the Department may leave it to individual schools to make their own decisions about whether to re-open on Monday.

A Department of Education spokesperson said the situation will be monitored throughout the weekend, but it will be Saturday or Sunday until they know for certain.

While the country remains on a Status Red alert today, the curfew has been lifted for people to go outside. However, the Taoiseach has warned to use extreme caution.