Brown Thomas Officially Has A Pub Licence Now 5 years ago

Brown Thomas Officially Has A Pub Licence Now

A few weeks ago it was reported that department store Brown Thomas was applying for a full pub licence.

Saurya Cherfi and Ray Managh reported for the Irish Times that the refurbishment on the third floor of the store had been carried out in accordance with planning permission.


The court heard that Brown Thomas had been serving wine for the last 40 years in its restaurant and wished to extend more variety to its customers, particularly those who had to wait around while their spouses and partners indulge in a little retail therapy.

The court was told Brown Thomas bought out an extinguished full licence from Falcon Irish Pubs Limited in Limerick, and Constance Cassidy SC, told the judge that the addition of a pub licence could at least anaesthetise the people waiting around against how much their significant others would be spending.

Lead Image via Brown Thomas