Brussels Attackers Had Planned To Target Paris Again 6 years ago

Brussels Attackers Had Planned To Target Paris Again

The terrorist group that took the lives of 32 people in Brussels in March had initially intended to attack France again.

The Guardian report that Belgium's federal state prosecutor said that 'numerous elements' in the investigation showed the cell had 'the intention to strike in France again' following the ISIS-led attacks in November 2015 in the French capital.


However, the group was apparently surprised by the efficiency of the investigation so redirected their plans to Brussels.

The attacks in the airport and Maelbeek subway station left 32 people dead, and there are clear links being established between the Paris and Brussels groups.

Mohamed Abrini, who was known as 'the man in the hat' was arrested in a police raid on Friday after he fled the attacks leaving a large bag of explosives behind.