Here's how you can get "free money" from Revolut 5 months ago

Here's how you can get "free money" from Revolut

Brb, going on Revolut.

Revolut is giving away "free money" to all of its users, and it's way easier to get your hands on than you might think.


Anyone who uses the app is in with a chance of getting €11.50 worth of crypto and all you need to do is watch two short videos and complete two quizzes - yes, it's that easy.

Once you get the crypto, you'll be able to easily exchange it for Euro.

After watching two videos that last a minute each, and completing two short quizzes after them, you'll be nearly €12 richer, that's a few coffees sorted for the week.

So where are these videos? Simply go into your Revolute app and click on the Crypto tab and scroll down to the "learn" section.


You then need to click on the "see all" section and click on the name of the course you want to do.

This is when you choose Crypto Basics worth €4 and Polkadot, which can earn users €7.50.

Once you've earned the coins, users can click on the name of the coin in the investments category and click on the sell button.


You then need to enter the number of coins being sold and you'll have the €11.50 in your wallet.

One Reddit user shared the hack to getting the money on the site, writing: "Nice one, for anyone wondering this works and takes less than 5 minutes".

A second said: "Some job, thanks for the heads up! I got €11.10 total after cashing it out."

A third wrote: "Better return than an hour on minimum wage, lol".


A Revolut spokesperson said: "Our Learn & Earn feature was created as a result of research the FCA conducted into potential consumer harms around crypto assets, which found that many consumers overestimated their knowledge of crypto assets. We created this product to help address this problem and allow users to learn more about crypto and blockchain in a safe and secure environment."