This company will pay you handsomely to stay in bed (for TWO MONTHS) 3 years ago

This company will pay you handsomely to stay in bed (for TWO MONTHS)

Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning in time for work?

Well one French organisation could be offering the job of your dreams; an eight-week role that involves being paid thousands for doing little else but lying down and eating.


France’s Institute of Space Medicine and Physiology in Toulouse are on the hunt for 24 recruits to help them research the effects of microgravity.

Explaining the study to 20 Minutes, Dr Arnaud Beck said: "During the first two weeks, our scientific teams do a series of examinations and measurements on the volunteers. There follows a period of 60 days during which they must remain totally bedridden, with the head slightly inclined downwards, at least 6 degrees, "

For the curious; that includes eating while lying down, drinking while lying down and (there it is...) going to the toilet while lying down. The rule is that one shoulder must be on the bed at all times.

The remuneration for this two-month post? A whopping €16,000. So while it might be uncomfortable, it's still nice work if you can get it.

To be in with a chance of joining the team, candidates must be non-smokers with no allergies, aged between 20 and 45.

You'll need to be fit too, with a body mass index of between 22 and 27.

The catch? They're only hiring men. Typical, right?


If you know a fella who might fit the bill, you can send him here to apply.