Four children in critical condition after falling through ice in England 3 months ago

Four children in critical condition after falling through ice in England

They were playing at a nature park in England.

Four children are in critical condition in hospital after falling through ice in England, West Midlands Police confirmed.


The children were pulled from ice at a nature park in Solihull, England on Sunday afternoon.

All four children are currently in critical condition in hospital.

Emergency services rushed to the scene at Babbs Mill Park in Kingshurt at 2.36pm on December 11th.

Before they arrived, members of the public and police tried to rescue the children.


Specialist-trained firefighters then pulled all four children from the water. They received immediate life-support care from emergency services.

According to Sky News, the children were playing on the ice before they fell through.

West Midlands Police issued a statement following the accident;

"Four children were rescued from the lake and subsequently taken to hospital.


"On behalf of West Midlands Police we understand how distressing this is for families and the wider community.

"We are doing everything we can to support all those involved."


The children were taken to hospital with an advanced care team.

However, all four children suffered cardiac arrest after falling into the water.

Paramedics confirmed that all four kids were critical when they arrived at the hospital.

West Midlands Ambulance Service shared;

"There’s no clinical updates at this stage, as stated they were all in a critical condition on arrival at hospital."


"Unfortunately, the children in the water were in cardiac arrest.

Officers are unaware of how long the children were in the water, but investigations are ongoing.