David Walliams slammed for 'racially insensitive' costume 5 years ago

David Walliams slammed for 'racially insensitive' costume

The star has landed himself in hot water for the second time this week.

David Walliams is being criticised for his Halloween costume after he chose to dress as Kim Jong-un this year.


The Britain’s Got Talent judge dressed as the North Korean dictator last night and shared pictures of his outfit all over social media.

“Happy Halloween from Kim Jong-un,” he captioned the post on Instagram.

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The BGT star was quickly criticised for being “racially insensitive” with many saying it was in poor taste to make a joke out of a civil rights abuser such as Kim Jong-un.


Walliams posed for pictures alongside Michael Macintyre, Alan Carr and comedian John Bishop on the night, but that didn't distract followers from his costume.


The backlash comes just days after he was criticised for posting a holiday picture of himself swimming with dolphins.


The seemingly innocent post has caused debate to break out among fans, many of whom called the BGT judge’s actions “cruel”.