Donald Trump asked Emma Thompson out on a date... WTF?! 5 years ago

Donald Trump asked Emma Thompson out on a date... WTF?!

Say it isn't so.

The President of the United States has openly admitted his penchant for beautiful women. Well, at one point in the late Nineties, actress Emma Thompson was the main woman on his radar.


According to People magazine during a live interview with a Swedish TV station, the 57-year-old actress shared the unexpected story.

 “I was doing a film called Primary Colors with John Travolta in Hollywood and I was in my trailer and it was on the Universal lot,” she said. “I had just been divorced and my decree absolute has just come through, like, the day before,” she told the outlet. “So the phone rings in my trailer,"
“I lift up the phone. ‘Hi, it’s Donald Trump here.’ I said, ‘Really? Can I help you?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, I just you know, I wondered if I could offer you some accommodation in one of my Trump Towers. They’re really comfortable,’” he said to Thompson.
Thompson told the TV station that although he was offering her accommodation and some 'dinner' his intentions were clear.
Evidently, she made her excuses and hung up... such a shame we think Emma would've made an INCREDIBLE first lady.