These houses have gone viral and the neighbours are pi**ed 3 years ago

These houses have gone viral and the neighbours are pi**ed

Hot pink houses... it's the stuff of dreams.

We all love a good Instagram opportunity, and nothing says 'take a picture in front of me' like a bright pink house and garden. Of course, you never really think about the neighbours nearby as you capture that PERFECT pose.

Well, a small community in Los Angeles is currently caught up in a whirlwind of makeshift photo-shoots for a very colourful reason.

An artist has painted three adjoining vacant houses a startling hot pink colour in order to start a conversation about community, development, social media, and public art.

Thankfully, for the locals at least, this pink overload is not a permanent situation, the large-scale art installation will be demolished shortly to make way for new properties.


But look how pretty...

The artist himself who goes by 'The Most Famous Artist' has also been Instagramming the event and explaining his reasoning behind it:


1500 hi point street -- until it's demolished -- an ephemeral conceptual art project as a jumping off point for a conversation about community, development, public art, and social media. A real life manifestation of paintings I've been working on for years. Obvious references to #christo's large scale public color works, #louisenevelson's assemblages, the #dada movement, and #julianschnabel's pink building in west village. With this project I'm encouraging the viewer to formulate their own meaning behind the work. As the artist, I start and the viewer finishes the work. And I'm excited to see where that exchange takes us as a community. Ps -- if I had the budget + time I would have painted the entire structure, but I think we got the message across with the resources we had. ?♻️??:@mr.reh

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We LOVE the pink project, and although it might be pi**ing off a few neighbours it's not forever... although pictures do last a lifetime!

Now we're off to book flights to LA.


1500 Hi Point St Los Angeles, CA 90035 #thepinkhouse

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