Ewan McGregor finds an unlikely ally as he tears into Boris Johnson with a foul-mouthed tweet 6 years ago

Ewan McGregor finds an unlikely ally as he tears into Boris Johnson with a foul-mouthed tweet

In case you've somehow not noticed, Britain is a little messy right now.

The United Kingdom voted to voluntarily leave the European Union and then the English football team were forcibly removed from the European Championships by Iceland of all countries, leaving only Wales remaining of the three British teams a week ago.


In the wake of the successful Leave vote, lead campaigner Boris Johnson was expected by many to replace the outgoing David Cameron as leader of the Conservatives - and by extension become the next Prime Minister.

But it didn't exactly work out that way, as Johnson ruled himself out of the running on Thursday, a shock to almost every political commentator who believed the former Mayor of London had positioned himself on the Leave side as a way of capitalising on Cameron's weaknesses.

Many who wished to remain in the EU are now blaming Johnson for causing a period of instability without actually having the balls to follow through on his supposed Machiavellian plan.

One such person who shares this view is Scottish actor Ewan McGregor, who made his thoughts on the matter crystal clear on Twitter shortly after Johnson ruled himself out of the upcoming Tory leadership battle.


And just in case you thought we had reached the peak of ridiculousness in our politics, you were wrong.

Not only was the bumbling former Mayor called out by the former Star Wars star, but McGregor received support from a very unlikely source: the band who wrote that one song that was massively popular and appeared in that raunchy, early '00s teen comedy that was not at all popular.

That's right, Wheatus stepped up to call out Boris Johnson.


We can only imagine that all of Johnson's future political opponents will torment him by playing 'Teenage Dirtbag' at all of their rallies.

Welcome to politics in 2016.


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