This EXTREMELY rare and adorable seal was just spotted in Cork 5 years ago

This EXTREMELY rare and adorable seal was just spotted in Cork

Wildlife observers will be in their element!

We must admit, we are too! This chubby cutie-pie must have been swimming for AGES.


After all he is a bearded seal, who enjoys rolling around on Arctic sea ice, and so we’re a lucky bunch to be able to set our eyes on him here in Ireland - and at the end of summer!

Paul Connaughton of Shearwater Wildlife Tours was delighted when he spotted the beautiful white seal along the banks of the estuary at Timoleague, west Cork.

Thankfully he made sure to take pictures as a bearded seal has only ever been identified once in Ireland, since records began.


Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Paul said,

“I was immediately struck by the paleness of the animal. I did a quick U-turn and pulled in to get my binoculars and camera. At first glance, I knew this was something different.”

With his lovely lengthy whiskers, his white-as-the-Arctic fur and great big eyes, we’ve been gawking at the beautiful seal all afternoon. He looks very well fed too might we add, so clearly the swim did him no harm… we hope.

He didn’t stay around for long however - after Paul managed to get a quick peek, this seal sauntered off for another swim. What a way to spend the day.