Family of four found dead in hotel sauna 1 month ago

Family of four found dead in hotel sauna

Such a tragedy.

A family of four who were on holiday at a beach resort have been found dead in a sauna after ordering drinks.


Sergey Burenkov, 60, and wife Natalya Burenkova, 58, both from Moscow in Russia travelled on holiday to Albania with their daughter Katya, 31, and her partner Nikita Belousov, 37.

The four of them were staying for a week at the Gloria Palace resort in the village of Qerret and while enjoying the sauna, they decided to order food and drinks there.

By the time the food and drinks were delivered to them, the waiter found all four dead in the sauna.

"I shouted several times that the drinks and the fruit were ready," the hotel employee has been reported as telling Albanian media.



"No-one answered, so I walked inside the sauna and saw them all.

"One person was lying on a sun bed, two were on the (sauna) benches.

"The last one was sitting down with his legs in the pool.

"They have all suffocated."

The Russian embassy is said to be probing the cause of death, according to a Russian diplomatic source.


Albanian police have also made a statement regarding the incident, saying: "At around 10.20pm in Qerret, Kavaja the dead bodies of four people with Russian nationality were found in a sauna.

"All of them had been asphyxiated."


A source added: "They had only arrived at the hotel an hour before the tragedy."

Investigations have been launching into the family's deaths, looking into if there was a technical failure in the sauna's ventilation system or inadequate care of the tourists by the hotel staff.

The alcohol levels in each of their bodies is also being looked into.

While police couldn't give more details about their deaths, they have said that the entire hotel's staff has been questioned.