Gardaí rescue puppies locked in the boot of a car at Dublin Port 4 years ago

Gardaí rescue puppies locked in the boot of a car at Dublin Port

There were 14 puppies found in the boot of a car.

Ireland seems to have a growing problem with animal cruelty, a disgusting crime which should not and can not be tolerated.

Dogs, cat, and any other animals deserve the same amount of respect and love that others humans receive, yet some people can not understand that.

One man who is being dealt with for his cruelty to animals is a driver in his early 20's who had 14 puppies locked in his car, without access to fresh air or water.


It's reported the puppies were of different breeds and were held down in two small metal containers in the back of the vehicle, being transported dangerously against their will.


As Gardaí stopped the man driving at Dublin Port, no documentation for the dogs was produced and the dogs were seized on suspicion of alleged cruelty.

An Garda Síochána brought the dogs to Store Street Garda Station and contacted the D.S.P.C.A before the puppies were given to the society, and it's said the dogs were in a healthy condition but will have to be monitored before being put up for adoption.


It's reported the dogs are €17,000 and the man arrested will face a court summons over the incident.

People took to Twitter to express their shock at over the seized puppies, with 'Dublin Port' trending on the site.

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