Germans shocked as cashier killed for asking about a face covering 9 months ago

Germans shocked as cashier killed for asking about a face covering

They are condemning the incident.

Politicians across Germany were left in utter shock on Tuesday when a 20 year old killed after asking a customer to wear a face covering.


A petrol station worker was killed after an argument broke out in the store when the cashier asked a 49 year old he must comply with covid regulations and wear a mask if he wanted to buy beer.

Politicians have condemned the incident, saying coronavirus deniers who use violence will not be tolerated.

The incident occurred on Saturday in Idar-Oberstein, when the customer refused and left the store but later returned with a mask but had it pulled down.



Prosecutor Kai Fuhrmann told reporters: "Then the perpetrator pulled a revolver and shot the cashier in the head from the front. The victim fell to the floor and was immediately dead."

The suspect later turned himself in to police, citing stress over restrictions as his reason for killing the cashier and is currently being detained.


Politicians on Tuesday have responded to coronavirus deniers from far-right groups, again condemning the violence used.

"The hate and incitement coming from these people who can't be taught divides our community and kills people. They have no place in our society," tweeted Foreign Minister Heiko Maas who said Querdenker (lateral thinkers) were celebrating the killing.

Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht said she was disgusted by how the killing was used to fuel hatred, saying: "The state must counter the radicalisation of coronavirus deniers who are willing to use violence with all possible means."