Gilmore Girls Lego could be on the cards and we can't WAIT 5 years ago

Gilmore Girls Lego could be on the cards and we can't WAIT

Ok... truth time, it's not actually a real thing yet, but there's a petition doing the rounds online and that's good enough for us.

We are firm fans of those fast talking, coffee swigging, drama queens and we're not afraid to shout it from the rooftops. Did we ever tell you we're also big fans of lego? That stuff is just good fun, and unfortunately it's one of the things we have to say goodbye to as we develop into human adults.


Like liga (which we still eat) or freeze pops (also still eat).






The idea comes from Rainer Zufall (aka... genius) and it's posted to the ideas section of the official Lego website, the description of the set reads like a dream come true for Gilmore Girl fans;

"If you visit Stars Hollow, you should not miss visiting Luke's Diner to have breakfast, a burger or some cake; or only to check out, if someone nice like Lorelai or Rory Gilmore, Jess, Lane, Kirk or Luke himself is around"


Lego Idea page




"This project would give you possibility to replay/show several scenes from the TV show that played in Luke's Diner, since its focus is on the inside of the location. Therefore, it would include minifigures of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, Luke, Jess, Kirk and Lane as waitress."

Lego idea page


We just don't understand why Lego are bothering with anything else right now. Clearly this is a MILLION DOLLAR idea, if you don't make it Lego... then we will!