This Halloween store is hiring in over 15 locations around the country 8 months ago

This Halloween store is hiring in over 15 locations around the country

Brought to you by Halloween HQ.

...AND the hours are super flexible too. (Hurrah!)

If you're looking to start work ASAP and get a good wage coming in this might just be for you. Whether you're a student in between jobs and on the hunt for something new, or a mum who's at the stage where you've a little bit more time, the flexibility of Halloween HQ plus the good hourly wage is something to consider.

All you actually need is to be friendly, have a very good work ethic, be super efficient, and keep that positive outlook.

There's no need to have retail experience - all that's needed is your good smart self. Dotted around 15 to 20 locations, Halloween HQ pop-ups will be mainly concentrated in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. You can expect six weeks of seasonal work (from early September until the first week of November) with a good hourly rate, while job sharing is an option also.

It will be your job to sell elaborate costumes, fancy props, both beautiful and bloody makeup, and lots of spook-tastic decor for the autumn season. Expect plenty of little monsters too, looking for their perfect (and scariest) outfit of all time, plus lots of spooky looking candies, sweet holders and fun accessories made specifically for little witches, werewolves and the likes.

So, if it sounds like a job that suits that schedule of yours, simply send your cover letter and CV to 

Brought to you by Halloween HQ.

Send a cover letter and CV to and check out Halloween HQ on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.