History is in the making - Abortion referendum one step closer 5 years ago

History is in the making - Abortion referendum one step closer

It's time to Repeal the 8th.

Earlier today, TD Ruth Coppinger of the Anti Austerity Alliance in partnership with People Before Profit presented the first stage of a bill to Dáil Éireann calling for a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment.



The bill is entitled the Thirty-Fifth Amendment to the Constitution (Repeal of the Eighth Amendment Bill).

Abortion bill

So, what does this all mean?

  • Well, it has been 33 years since the issue of abortion has been debated in Ireland.

  • The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution introduced a ban on abortion in 1983 by recognising the right to life of an unborn child and if something is guaranteed in our constitution then we need to have a referendum to change it.

  • Before the people of Ireland can vote on the issue of abortion, TD’s must decide if the issue of abortion is worthy of a referendum.

  • Now that the first stage of the bill has been put forward this gives politicians approximately 100 days to raise support, campaign, and lobby before the motion is debated on the floor.


Ruth Coppinger is urging pro-choice organisations, women and young people to rally together and put pressure on their local politicians to see where they stand on the issue of repealing the eighth amendment for the next 100 days.

“There is clearly growing demand for a referendum to be held on the issue of abortion but unfortunately, the Dáil  is very behind when it comes to social change. We need to see people on the streets, we need to show the government that we want a change. The government does not lead, they follow.”

The first round of discussions on the issue of abortion is expected to take place as early as the 10th of October.

This is it gals, the moment we’ve been waiting for...


We've supported Repeal the 8th over the past year and have been stoic advocates for the reproductive rights of every woman. Tonight it brings us tremendous pride to announce our media partnership with Repeal.ie.

The Repeal Project was initiated by Anna Cosgrave following a Her Talks event. The jumpers (available from Repeal.ie)  give women the opportunity to wear their rights and showcase their support for the 15 women who are forced to travel abroad daily.


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