Ian Bailey has been chatting to the woman who married the ghost of a pirate 2 years ago

Ian Bailey has been chatting to the woman who married the ghost of a pirate

Love is in the air.

Ever since his split with Jules Thomas, Ian Bailey has been on the lookout for a new leading lady in his life.


After a stint on a dating site, Ian has already struck a connection with someone new, and he couldn't be more "flattered".

You might remember hearing the story of the woman who once married the ghost of a pirate, well she has moved on with none other than Bailey.

Saying the pair speak almost everyday, Amanda Large told The Star that she definitely has her eye on Bailey and she's interested in pursuing him.


She said: "I’m interested in him as a person, yeah. For me sexual attraction is to do with a connection and not necessarily to do with other things so hence I’m very picky."

While she wouldn't say if the connection they've started up is romantic or not, he's one on her radar.

She continued: "I definitely identify with him and I definitely do feel a connection there."

Speaking to Bailey himself, he revealed to the paper that he also wants to keep it under wraps, saying that even if it was romantic he wouldn't go public with it.


He said: "If it is true what you’ve told me (about the connection she feels), I would be flattered."

While Bailey claimed to know nothing about Large's previous marriage to the ghost of a Haitian pirate, her now ex husband had allegedly been executed in the 1700s for being a thief on the high seas.

Large got in contact with Bailey over social media after seeing Murder at the Cottage: The Search for Justice for Sophie on Sky, and wanted to help clear his name.


Bailey was convicted by a French court in 2019 for the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier but in 2020 it was decided by the Irish High Court that he could not be surrendered to France to serve his sentence.