Indoor dining plan slammed as "absolutely bananas" by Minister 3 months ago

Indoor dining plan slammed as "absolutely bananas" by Minister

The plan to limit indoor hospitality has faced objection from many sides.

Alan Kelly, the leader of the Labour Party, has called the government's plan to restrict indoor dining to vaccinated people "completely bananas".


His comments came after An Taoiseach  Micheál Martin described the planned approach of reopening as the "safest way".

Mr Kelly said: "The Cabinet decision announced earlier on reopening business is absolutely bananas. It is discriminatory and it is unacceptable. It is shocking stuff. It is amateur hour.

"When did Government discrimination become the norm in Ireland?"

The Labour leader commented on the message the plan sends to young people: "The government is saying to young people today that we are all in this together except when it gets to a stage where those of us who have been vaccinated want to get out and enjoy ourselves this summer."

Kelly urged the government to rethink the indoor dining plan and called for another Cabinet meeting and proposal.

Several other members of government criticised the plan, which would only allow vaccinated people, or those who have recovered from Covid-19, to avail of indoor pubs and restaurants. Many felt that the plan was discriminatory to younger people and those in the hospitality industry. Others felt that the move would be a huge logistical challenge to implement.


Independent TD Catherine Connolly described the plan as "totally unacceptable".

David Cullinane, the health spokesperson for Sinn Féin said that the proposal does not "sit easy" with him.

Mr Cullinane said: "There are practical issues in terms of its enforcement. There are fairness issues that obviously arise. For the last number of weeks, we've known that this variant is a real concern."

The spokesperson recalled an earlier proposition he made for a "mix and match of vaccines for the over 60s" and to "look at ways of accelerating the rollout".