Luas has explained what the strange 'smell' on its new trams is 2 years ago

Luas has explained what the strange 'smell' on its new trams is

Have you gotten a whiff of this?

The new Luas Green Line services have caused controversy in Dublin thanks to serious overcrowding at peak commuter times and traffic issues at College Green and around the city centre.

Now passengers have another complaint - the 'smell' on the new Luas trams.

Everyone who uses the Green Line welcomed the longer, more modern cars but a number of people have noticed what smells like natural gas on them.

One passenger, Anna Whiston, got on to Luas on Twitter this morning to see what was going on.

In response, Luas has said it's simply a 'new tram smell' and that it'll eventually wear off.

"We can assure that this is not gas, the smell on the tram is due to the fact that it is a new tram and will dissipate as the tram beds down," it wrote.

So nothing to worry about there, then.

Today was the first day back to work and to normality for many commuters across the country after several days of travel disruption due to Storm Emma.

Luas has said that services are running as normal on both the Green and Red lines but that passengers can expect some delays.

You'll find the latest information here.