Blogger Akeisha Land is often described as Meghan Markle's twin and we can see why 3 years ago

Blogger Akeisha Land is often described as Meghan Markle's twin and we can see why

Spitting image.

It's said that we all have at least one twin out there and for most of us we'd like that to be a glamourous celebrity.


I think it's safe to say that mummy blogger Akeisha Land doesn't need to keep searching because the internet has decided that her long lost twin is none other than actress Meghan Markle.

Generally there's only a vague resemblance when claiming that 'this person' looks just like some famous face but I have to give it to the internet sleuths on this one - they look practically identical.

I know they're not related but I really do think that they should meet up in real life or at least make a Hallmark movie like It Takes Two or The Parent Trap.

There's been talk that Meghan may be working with Disney in the coming year so she could always just drop the suggestion in during one of the meetings.


I'd watch it.

A mother of two and parenting blogger, Land says that she has been completely overwhelmed with the amount of attention she has received since someone first made the comparison and her photo went viral;

"It’s very different! I’m not used to being in the forefront. I’m used to it being about my kids. It’s overwhelming."

Land has also said that even though she's not quite sure how to handle all this new attention but she is flattered that people think she looks like the Suits star.


I wonder if Meghan, who was once extremely active on social media has come across the photos herself and what she makes of it all.

Personally, I hope she sees them and gets that long lost twin movie off the ground.