Maria von Trapp's daughter has died aged 90 1 month ago

Maria von Trapp's daughter has died aged 90

The von Trapp family are famous for being depicted in The Sound of Music.

Lorli von Trapp Campbell, whose family were the basis for the classic film The Sound of Music, has died aged 90.


The second daughter of George and Maria von Trapp - who was played by Julie Andrews in the 1965 classic - passed away on Sunday in Northfield, Vermont.

The von Trapp family fled Nazi-occupied Austria in 1938 and went on to perform concert tours throughout Europe and America, before settling in Vermont in the early 1940s.

The Sound of Music, loosely based on a memoir written by Maria, tells the family's story.

It depicts the marriage of an enigmatic young Austrian woman, Maria, to George, a naval captain who has seven young children from a previous marriage. The captain had been raising his children using strict military discipline, but Maria decides to teach her new stepchildren all about music.

The couple later went on to have three more children who were not shown in the movie. The original seven von Trapp children are all now dead.

Lorli travelled internationally with the Trapp Family Singers until she married David Hugh Campbell in 1954. Her daughter, Elizabeth Peters, said this shaped who she was as a person.

"The life of singing on tour is one that involves an extraordinary amount of discipline and hard work," she said.


"My mother lived as a teenager singing lead soprano, night after night after night, and toured much of the year, and it really shaped who she was.

“She was a very disciplined woman, and yet she missed out on many of the things that the rest of us enjoyed in high school and college years and yet she was very grateful for all the travel and the experience she had."

Lorli and David had seven daughters, who they raised in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, before settling in Vermont in 1975.