Met Eireann says that temperatures are set to soar to 27 degrees this week 2 years ago

Met Eireann says that temperatures are set to soar to 27 degrees this week

Not that you'd know right now.

So, looking outside, we're not exactly seeing that sweet summer weather we've been craving.


sure, we've had a few little glimmers of hope, but for the most part, it has been disappointing.

We've had a lot of rain, and the very odd bit of sunshine.

However, this week will be our week - ie: this week will probably be our summer.

Reading the Met Eireann forecast this morning, it looks like temperatures are set to soar this week.

In terms of today, early morning mist and fog will gradually clear and there will be good sunshine during the day.

However heavy thundery showers will break out from late morning onwards but many places will continue to remain dry for the day. Becoming warm with highs of 18 to 22 degrees in light breezes.

Yeah, thunder, but then things will drastically improve.


The last of any showers will die out by this evening and the night will be mainly dry and clear with lows of 11 or 12 degrees. Mist and fog patches are again likely to form.

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Then comes the good stuff.

There may be the odd shower during Tuesday but in general it will be a warm, sunny and dry day with temperatures continuing to improve; highs of 19 to 23 degrees in northeast breezes.

Wednesday will be a warm day with good sunshine and highest temperatures of 19 to 24 degrees, warmest across the midwest. Northeast breezes.


Thursday will be another warm and sunny day with highs of 20 to 27 degrees, again warmest in the midwest.

27 DEGREES! Pass the SPF (and the wine, thanks).

Friday will see little change, and will warm and sunny, with highs of 20 to 26 degrees.

Stunning scenes.