Cold airmass to hit Ireland tomorrow bringing sleet and snow 10 months ago

Cold airmass to hit Ireland tomorrow bringing sleet and snow

Hail, snow, sleet and thunderstorms are all on the cards for tomorrow.

The Irish Meteorological Service has said that the recent cold snap will continue as a cold airmass is expected to hit the country tomorrow, bringing with it the possibility of hail, sleet and snow.


Taking to Twitter, Met Éireann explained that a cold Polar airmass is currently heading across Ireland, while another from North America is on the way.

They wrote: "A cold polar airmass is currently across Ireland seen from the blue on this analysis chart.

"If you look towards North America you'll notice another blue area, this cold airmass will arrive tomorrow bringing strong winds & blustery showers of hail, sleet and snow."

Tonight, we can expect frost and ice to "set in quickly" as temperatures dip between 0 and -3 degrees, though they will rise slowly overnight.


After midnight, rain will reach the west coast which will turn to sleet or snow over parts of Ulster.

Tomorrow will get off to a wet and windy start with outbreaks of rain throughout the morning. We may also expect sunny spells as well as heavy showers with hail and isolated thunderstorms. As the day continues, the cold Atlantic airmass will bring sleet and snow across the western part of the country.


Met Éireann forecasts highs of 4 to 8 degrees, though these will turn colder by the evening.

Cold and blustery weather will continue into Thursday night with sleet and snow on the cards due to the Atlantic airmass. The western coastal counties may also expect hail and thunderstorms. Minimum temperatures will be between 0 and 3 degrees.

Met Éireann has also forecast sleet and snow on Friday as well as ice in parts, though the weather will turn less cold as the day goes on. The west and southwest will see showers during the day, and these will move across the entire country as we head into Friday night.