Met Éireann predicts this weekend will be the hottest of the summer so far 3 years ago

Met Éireann predicts this weekend will be the hottest of the summer so far

It isn't 100% good news, though...

Remember Easter?


Remember when we had long weekends and the temperatures got up as high as 23 degrees in some parts of the country, and we were talking about how it was hotter in Cork than it was in Athens or Barcelona?

And remember how we thought that might lead to a long and bountiful summer of warmth and ice-creams and shorts and stuff like that?

And then... well... the rest of the year so far happened. Clouds and rain and having to put on heavy coats in June because why is it SO COLD in JUNE??

For anyone else who feared that Ireland had skipped summer entirely and jumped straight to mid-autumn, we have some good news for you, as it looks like we're about to have the hottest weekend of the summer so far.


(Yes, technically, Irish summers only start in June, but we're trying to make a point here.)

Emphasis on some, though...

As per Met Éireann's forecast for the coming weekend:

Friday: Good sunshine to start the day on Friday but cloud will build up in many areas in the afternoon and there is the chance of a few showers breaking out. Top temperatures of 16 to 19 degrees in moderate southerly winds. Largely dry overnight but a few isolated showers. Lows of 9 to 12 degrees in moderate southerly breezes.


Saturday: It looks set to be mostly dry on Saturday with spells of hazy sunshine. Warm and humid with highest temperatures of 17 to 21 degrees in moderate southeast winds. Showery rain will develop in the south and west overnight, extending to most areas later on. Humid overnight with lowest temperatures 11 to 14 degrees.

Sunday: Current indications suggest it will be mostly cloudy on Sunday with showery rain. The best of any dry, bright weather is likely in the north and east of the country. Staying warm and humid with highs of 16 to 20 degrees.

Yep, you read that right. Up to TWENTY-ONE degrees this Saturday in parts of the country, making it pretty much the warmest the country has been in about two months.

Of course, the early predictions for Monday onwards see things take a downward turn again, slightly cooler and more chances of rain, but sure listen, we'll take what we can get.