Met Éireann say the weather is going to be absolutely CLASS later 3 months ago

Met Éireann say the weather is going to be absolutely CLASS later

Heading to the Spice Girls?

Or just heading out because it's Friday and you've been slogging away at your job all week?

Either way, it's the day for it because Met Éireann has revealed that we're in for a class day.

With the weather being a bit hit and miss yesterday, today is looking much better with temperatures reaching the high teens.

The weather forecaster said: "Mostly cloudy this morning with a few patches of light rain. Some sunshine will break through during the afternoon but there is the chance of a few showers breaking out also. Highest temperatures ranging 16 to 19 degrees in mostly light breezes."

While tonight we'll see: "Cloud will thicken across the western half of the country tonight followed by some light rain and drizzle. Elsewhere, it will be dry once any evening showers clear. Minimum temperatures of 7 to 10 degrees in light winds."

Tomorrow will be a bit all over the place with "damp and dull" conditions, however it will reach 20 degrees.

"Rather cloudy at first on Saturday with patches of light rain or drizzle, mainly affecting the western half of the country. Cloud will start to break later in the morning with spells of sunshine for the afternoon and evening. Atlantic coastal areas will remain quite dull and damp though. A humid day with top temperatures ranging 16 to 20 degrees in light to moderate southwesterly breezes."