According to Met Eireann, the weather is set to be VERY grim next week 1 year ago

According to Met Eireann, the weather is set to be VERY grim next week

Any spare umbrellas?

So lads, we spent the week waiting for Storm Lorenzo to come, and he did.


The weather was crap - windy and loads of rain.

And sadly, I have some bad news, because it looks like next week is going to be just as miserable.

According to Met Eireann:

"Tomorrow (Monday) will start wet and windy in the east but drier and brighter conditions will move in from the west through the morning. The afternoon will see a mix of some sunny spells and scattered showers and some of these showers will be heavy. Highest temperatures of 14 to 17 degrees in moderate and at times gusty southwest winds."

The rest of the week is set to be unsettled and changeable, with above normal rainfall for this time of year.

Monday night will be cool and blustery with good dry spells, but showers will occur in the west - frequent by the coast.

Met eireann


The national forecaster says:

"A band of rain will push east over the country on Tuesday, along with strong southwest winds. This will clear and followed by occasional blustery showers for Tuesday night and Wednesday."

"The showers are likely to be heavy and frequent across the west, some thundery or even hail. Southwest winds continuing often strong with gale gusts."

Met Eireann goes on, highlighting the weather towards the end of the week:

"After a mainly dry interlude on Wednesday night and early Thursday, more wind and rain will affect the country on Thursday night, and linger in many areas during Friday with some large amounts possible."


Present signs are for it to turn noticeably colder for next weekend while staying unsettled.