Met Eireann says we're in for a weekend of very 'unsettled' weather 1 month ago

Met Eireann says we're in for a weekend of very 'unsettled' weather

Not great.

The weekend is basically here (kind of), and we're already making plans.

Which, for us in Ireland, usually depends on the weather.

So, what is in store for us this weekend?

Well, according to Met Eireann, it'll be a rather unsettled one. That classic 'can't make up its mind' kind of weather.

The forecast for the weekend reads:

"A cold, crisp and frosty start on Friday, with good spells of sunshine at first. Cloud will thicken from the west through the morning in a freshening southerly breeze. Outbreaks of rain will push into Connacht, Ulster and north Leinster through the day, the rain will be patchier in the south of the country."

"Becoming increasingly windy through the day with strong and gusty southerly winds countrywide by evening and gales expected in western and northwestern coastal areas. Highs of 9 to 11 degrees."

met eireann

"Parts of the east will start off dry on Saturday but heavy and persistent rain will spread countrywide through the morning, eventually clearing to showers later in the afternoon. Fresh south to southwest winds will veer westerly with the clearance of the showers. Highs of 11 to 13 degrees."

It continues, saying temperatures are set to drop to as low as 1 degree.

"Drier and brighter on Sunday with good spells of sunshine and scattered showers. It will be a cold day with afternoon highs of just 5 to 7 degrees in light westerly breezes."

"Dry for most of the country on Sunday night although patchy outbreaks of rain will push into Atlantic fringes overnight. Cloud will keep temperatures up at 4 or 5 degrees in the west but cooler in the east with lows of 1 to 3 degrees, with patchy frost likely. Southerly winds will be mostly moderate, but fresher along Atlantic coasts."

"Current indications are for a very wet and windy day on Monday with strong and gusty south to southeast winds and gales expected along all coasts. The rain will be heavy and persistent at times with localised flooding possible."