Met Éireann's Evelyn Cusack reveals how long the heatwave may remain in Ireland 2 years ago

Met Éireann's Evelyn Cusack reveals how long the heatwave may remain in Ireland

Better stock up on that SPF.

Ireland has been basking in a heatwave for the better part of the last month - and it looks like the warm weather is going to stick around for a while longer.

Meteorologist Evelyn Cusack said that Met Éireann are currently using an experimental forecast to look at how long the dry weather could remain for.

During an appearance on RTE's Prime Time last night [Thursday, July 6], she explained that their typical forecast looks at the next 10 days - but they are now looking 15 days ahead.

And there's a lot of dry weather being indicated, according to Met Éireann's lead forecaster - which means "these conditions will remain for another week to two weeks".

Discussing the recent and on-going heatwave, she told host Miriam O'Callaghan:

“Our predictions are certainly another ten days which is the medium range of our forecast but we’re currently using an experimental 15 day forecast and that is indicating a lot of dry weather.

“It’s been exceptionally dry, it’s been the driest June in Leinster since 1941.

"These conditions will remain for another week to two weeks.

“It’s not only been exceptionally dry but also exceptionally sunny and that’s because the weather has been coming down from the north.”

It comes as this weekend's weather forecast includes higher temperatures than the last few days - but also a bit of rain.

Saturday will be a very warm and humid day. It will be generally dry but there will also be a spot of light rain on parts of the northwest coasts. There's also a risk of some sea mist developing in parts of the east and southeast coasts.

But for most places, it will be a dry and warm day with a mix of cloud an sunshine.

Temperatures of 22C to 26C are expected, with it being cooler in coastal areas - especially in the west and northwest.

As for Sunday, expect to see dry and warm conditions in most places, with some hazy sunshine, but cloudier in the north and northwest. There's also a small chance of a few showers throughout the day.

Maximum temperatures of 23C to 28C degrees celsius, highest in southeastern counties. The coastal areas, meanwhile, will see temperatures of 19C to 20C.