Who is Mirai Nagasu? The Olympic figure skater who made history last night 11 months ago

Who is Mirai Nagasu? The Olympic figure skater who made history last night


The Winter Olympics are currently in full swing and one remarkable woman is after making history for her performance last night.

Yes, 24-year-old Mirai Nagasu is a figure skater on the US team and last night, she made olympic history when she landed a triple axel making her the first ever American woman and third woman in the history of the competition to land that move in the Olympics. Wow.

Competing in the ladies free skate, this is Nagasu's second time ever competing in the Olympics and she went in guns blazing attempting the most difficult move in figure skating. Out of the six jumps recognised in competitive figure skating, the axel is considered the most difficult because its forward-facing takeoff means it requires a skater to complete three and a half revolutions before landing. This makes the jump almost impossible to land and Mirai went through intense training in order to nail the move.

And that is exactly what she did.

Tonya Harding, who the film (I, Tonya) is currently based off made history when she landed the triple axel in the 1991 Skate America competition and now another US women is making waves for the difficult move.

Speaking after landing the historic jump, Nagasu said: “I feel really great, going into it, I was like a train, get on those tracks and get some speed. To nail it the way I did – and even out of the corner of my eye, I could see my team mates standing in excitement.”

We are so happy for her. H'on the women!