More Great Irish Jobs News - Glanbia Are Hiring 5 years ago

More Great Irish Jobs News - Glanbia Are Hiring

Nutrition company Glanbia, who manufacture Avonmore Milk as well as a myriad of other products are looking to recruit 50 individuals for jobs opening up in Ireland.

According to RTÉ, this announcement is part of an effort to fill 200 worldwide vacancies within the company.


The areas which will be covered include Science, IT, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources and Finance.

Much like financial company KPMG who we told you about last week, Glanbia hopes to target Irish emigrants who have returned home for the Christmas break and entice them back to home turf.


Glanbia Ingredients Plant in Waterford. Source: Glanbia

The company's Head Office is located in Kilkenny, and it has other premises in Co. Waterford, Naas, Co. Kildare and Citywest, Co.Dublin.

Glanbia is an Irish company which was created in 1997 after the merging of Avonmore and Waterford Foods, and has since become incredibly successful  on a global scale.

Lead Image via Glanbia