Mumbai Police Arrest People For Taking Selfies Out of Wedlock 6 years ago

Mumbai Police Arrest People For Taking Selfies Out of Wedlock

All the single ladies will certainly get a ring on it (a handcuff that is) if police in Mumbai have their way.

The local law enforcement have been arresting people for taking selfies and public displays of affection out of wedlock.

The crackdown is taking place in the Indian city ahead of the festival, Navratri which kicks off on Thursday. The idea was originally touted as a way of protecting women from being harassed or groped in crowded public spaces.

Some police officers have brought it to a whole new level though, and started to punish unmarried people for public displays of affection – which included two people being arrested because the woman had her arm around her boyfriend’s waist.

Two other men were fined for 'touching women' in a group selfie - though the police could not explain what, if anything, about their behaviour was "indecent". Indeed, reports suggest that the group members all had their arms around each other's shoulders.

The city’s moral policing has caused uproar in India.

“The squads’ mandate is to concentrate on preventing harassment of women and they are supposed to refrain from indulging in any kind of moral policing,” said Rakesh Maria, Mumbai Police Commissioner in a statement.

It is reported that the city held a workshop to teach police officers the difference between selfies and street harassment.