New Spanish hospital to offer "alternative pathway" for Irish patients waiting for routine treatments 8 months ago

New Spanish hospital to offer "alternative pathway" for Irish patients waiting for routine treatments

Once fully operational, it's expected the hospital will perform around 1,500 routine surgeries for Irish patients per year.

A new hospital offering an "alternative pathway" for thousands of patients currently waiting for routine healthcare treatments in Ireland is opening in Spain on Thursday (14 July).


Located in Costa Blanca in Alicante, Hospital HCB Dénia will provide treatments to Irish patients through a strategic partnership between Healthcare Abroad - an Irish healthcare service that helps people access treatments and hospitals across Europe - and HCB Hospitales - a leading Spanish hospital group.

In a statement, Healthcare Abroad says the cost of treatment at Hospital HCB Dénia can be reclaimed through the Health Service Executive (HSE) under the EU Cross Border Directive.

"Almost every treatment that is currently available on the Irish public system is provided at the new hospital," it added.

"All treatments will be carried out by a world-class team of medics and Healthcare Abroad will support patients with all logistical elements of the process including clinical and diagnostic records, accommodation, flights, and post-care arrangements."


Though the cost of the overall treatment can be reclaimed through the HSE, Healthcare Abroad has said the costs associated with travel and post-care medications are borne by the patient.

However, to help patients with these costs, the Irish healthcare service - through the Irish Credit Union Network - is assisting patients to access low-cost costs loans with flexible repayment plans.

Healthcare Ireland also expects that the new hospital, once fully operational, will perform around 1,500 routine surgeries for Irish patients annually.

These procedures will range from hip, knee, and shoulder operations to gynaecological and weight-loss procedures.


“Our strategic partnership with one of Spain’s premier hospital groups will transform the lives of many Irish patients, facilitating a faster pathway to access important healthcare treatments which will have an immediate impact on their quality of life," Healthcare Abroad's Chief Operations Officer Paul Byrne said.

"We support patients through the entire process, from liaising with Irish GPs and the medical staff at the hospital as well as organising flights, accommodation, post-operative care, and financial support if required.

"We are acutely conscious of how stressful and debilitating ill-health can be and it is our mission to get people back to good health as quickly as possible and enable them to return to living full, healthy and active lives, free from pain and discomfort.

"In line with this commitment, we have worked closely with the team at the hospital to create an Irish ‘home from home’ atmosphere complete with bespoke Irish menus for patients to enjoy as they recuperate."