Niagra Falls has turned into an icy winter wonderland during cold snap 4 years ago

Niagra Falls has turned into an icy winter wonderland during cold snap

It's very, very cold in North America right now.

In fact, it's gotten so cold that Niagra Falls has been transformed - and looks like something out of Narnia instead of real life.


The tourist spot was left partially frozen over after the east coast in North America was hit by unseasonably cold temperatures.

The cold snap, which has gripped some areas since the end of 2017, left the falls looking more like something out of a Disney film than the real world.

Global News' meteorologist Ross Hull said that New Year's Day in 2018 was the coldest on record for the Niagra Falls, with temperatures dropping under -26C.


He told the outlet:

“That is well below average, considering the normal overnight/morning low should be closer to -7 C.

“The high temperature on New Year’s Eve was also well below average with a daytime high close to -15 C.”

Pictures on social media show ice and snow covering the majority of the tourist destination - leading many to call it a "frozen paradise" or "winter wonderland".


Massive icicles can be seen hanging from the rocks around the waterfalls, while trees in the nearby area coated with ice.

However, the actual falls themselves do not appear to be frozen.

Over 3,000 tonnes of water flow down Niagra Falls every second - so it would need to be a lot colder for the falls to freeze.


Hull added:

“Historically, ice does form over parts of the falls, but there is always water running beneath that ice.

“This may give the impression that the falls are frozen over but that’s not the case.”


While the photos may give the appearance that the falls have frozen over, this isn't quite the case.

The natural wonder hasn't stopped flowing since 1848, when an ice jam blocked the source of the water upriver.

Feature image via Instagram/shani955