"No new tumours": Saoirse Ruane's mum shares incredible health update 5 months ago

"No new tumours": Saoirse Ruane's mum shares incredible health update

Saoirse Ruane's family has shared a hopeful health update.

Saoirse had her three-month review at Crumlin hospital this week and it went extremely well, her mum has confirmed.


Earlier this year, Saoirse underwent surgery to remove a tumour from her lung.

After meeting with her medical team in CHI Crumlin, Saoirse's family confirmed she is doing well.

Her mum wrote, "The BEST Christmas present we could ask for."

She explained that Saoirse's appointment started with the insertion of a cannula.


Her mum wrote, "It is a huge stressor for Saoírse & then she lays down on the bed which moves in under a tunnel in order for them to do the CT. A dye is then run through her canula and then these images are reported back to our Oncologist."

She said this is the worst part of the review for Saoirse.

After that, they went to meet Saoirse's consultant.

"No matter how bad things are in the past three years, we are always guaranteed a laugh when we meet him. Michael Capra has such a fantastic way with Saoírse and it puts her so much at ease."


Dr. Capra examined Saoirse and took notes before discussing her images with his team.

"We waited in his office with bated breath. There are many prayers said in between reviews and on the way up in the car and during her scan, but this is when I start into the rosary and plead with everyone up above for good news."

"And today we got it," she shared.

Saoirse's oncologist was happy with the images.


"Her oncologist said he was happy with what he could see & to go & have a wonderful Christmas. No signs of new tumours or anything unusual going on."

Her parents said the relief was indescribable.

"As I always say, we have won the battle but we haven’t won the war. We can now go forward & enjoy this Christmas and we’ll face her next review in 2023 when the time comes."

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