One person killed and eight seriously ill following drink spiking in Germany 4 months ago

One person killed and eight seriously ill following drink spiking in Germany

According to a senior German prosecutor, the combination of the drug and the alcohol had a "toxic, poisonous effect".

One person has died and eight others have been left seriously ill after reportedly drinking champagne that had been spiked with ecstasy.


As SkyNews reports, the tragic incident took place in the town of Weiden in Bavaria on Saturday evening after a group of people between the ages of 33 and 52 ordered and shared a bottle of champagne. According to German prosecutors investigating the case, the bottle had been laced with a "considerable concentration" of ecstasy, though it is currently unclear how it got there.

Authorities were called to the venue and found the guests had collapsed onto the floor and were suffering from extreme cramps. Eight of them were subsequently taken to various hospitals.

An article in the Mail Online suggests that the victims began foaming at the mouth and experiencing seizures after consuming the alcohol. The outlet also claims that a lethal amount of the drug was found in the drink.

One man, who was 52-years-old, passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital. He was from the district of Schwandorf. Another one of the victims has been discharged from hospital and is recovering at home.


According to the Upper Palantine police, all of the other victims are said to be out of "immediate danger" and are currently undergoing treatment.

While there is a suspicion of negligent homicide, it is thought that the incident did not resemble a targeted attack. It is understood that authorities are not looking for suspects at this time.

Commenting on the details of the case, Gerd Schaefer, a senior prosecutor said: "There were things in in it that are not normally in champagne. It had a toxic, poisonous effect."

The investigation into the incident remains ongoing.