Police confirm Natural History Museum crash was NOT terror-related 4 years ago

Police confirm Natural History Museum crash was NOT terror-related

We hope everyone involved is OK, but this is a relief of sorts.

Whenever there are sketchy reports of a serious incident in London these days, there is a temptation by some to fill the gaps in information with unhelpful conjecture. This can be misleading at best, and dangerously counter-productive at worst.


It is natural to be concerned, and even to fear that a terrorist attack may have taken place. But that doesn't mean we should jump to conclusions, or attempt to fuel hatred with statements designed to maximise anger and baseless accusations.

The incident outside the Natural History Museum on Saturday that left 11 people injured had people fearing the worst. Specifically that it was a senseless attack on innocent people and our way of life. Thankfully, police have confirmed it was not terror-related.

The collision happened on Exhibition Road in South Kensington at 14.2o in the afternoon, and led Met Police to detain a man who was restrained on the ground. An update from the force stated the incident is now being treated as "a road traffic collision".

London Ambulance have confirmed that nine people were taken to hospital, mostly suffering from leg and head injuries.