Police footage shows dog being rescued from overheated car 1 year ago

Police footage shows dog being rescued from overheated car

The dog is doing okay.

In a devastating clip, police officers in the UK have released horrifying footage where they can be seen approaching a car where a dog in distress had been left locked in an overheated car.


The Shih Tzu was left in a car he Wilkinson Street park and ride in Nottingham where temperatures reached a whopping 33C.

In the clip, police approach the car before they then smash the window of the car and carry the puppy into the shade where he was given water before he was rushed to the animal shelter. When rescued, the dog's temperature was recorded at 39.1C.

Fortunately, the dog is now making a good recovery and the owner is going to be questioned by police and the case has been referred to the RSCPA.

PC Jamie Martin, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Firstly, I would like to thank staff at NET Nottingham Tram for alerting us to this incident. Had they not done so, it is unlikely the dog would have survived.


"Many people think it's OK to leave their dog in the car on a warm day providing the windows are open.

“But this incident shows that just simply isn’t the case. Put simply, you should never leave your dog alone in a car on a warm day."


Noting that while it is not illegal to leave a dog in a hot car, he said that all dog owners are responsible for their pet's health and welfare.

Had the dog gotten ill or died due to the circumstances, the owners would have been charged with animal cruelty, leaving them potentially with a prison sentence and/or a fine.

The RSPCA say that cars can get as hot as an oven even if we don't think it's that hot outside. They said even if it is 22C outside, the car could reach up to 47C in an hour.