A powerful 'superbug' has been detected at two Irish beaches 4 years ago

A powerful 'superbug' has been detected at two Irish beaches

Researchers from Galway discovered the bug.

A powerful superbug that is resistant to most antibiotics has been discovered on two Irish beaches.


Medical researchers from Galway believe they've discovered NDM enzyme on two beaches on these shores, which would make it the first discovery of the enzyme in bathing waters in Europe according to the Irish Examiner.

Professor Martin Cormican of NUI Galway said: "We have known for more than 100 years that a proper control of sewage is a foundation stone for protection of public health.

"But in 2017 we are still allowing sewage to flow into the sea and rivers because we have not organised ourselves to build the treatment systems we need."

The contaminated beaches have not been revealed but they're both believed to be in Galway and caused by an untreated outflow of human sewage.

The NDM enzyme is an enzyme that makes bacteria resistant to a wide range of powerful antibiotics, including the carbapenem class of antibiotics that are used to treat multidrug-resistant infections.

There has been no evidence so far that anyone has been infected with the superbug in the affected areas in Ireland.