News | 4 years ago
Puke! A Record Number Of Rats Will Invade Our Homes This Winter
Pest control experts are overjoyed as Irish people can expect a record number of house infestions.

This winter we’ll be guarding our house like Fort Knox because Ireland is expecting an invasion of RATS this season.

According to The Irish Sun, pest control gurus Rentokil believe that last year’s mild winter has caused the rat population of Ireland to nearly double as it was too warm to kill off the disgusting rodents.

Ireland is already expecting an invasion of creepy-crawlies, but a Rentokil spokesperson said that they are preparing for a very busy winter.

“Rentokil has seen steady numbers of rat and mice infestations throughout the summer, which is unusual and another indication that there are currently increased numbers living in the wild.”

Rats contaminate food with their droppings

The exterminators said that rat infestations are extremely dangerous to our wellbeing.


“Mice can be dangerous to our health, having been identified as a potential asthma trigger in children.

“They also contaminate food and other materials through their droppings."

To combat the rats, Dr. Colm Moore of Rentokil advised people to keep food in tight containers and to work on covering up holes on the exterior of your house to stop rodents from gaining entry. 

Yuck! We are terrifed of the prospect of finding a rat digging into our popcorn on a Saturday night.